Lost in Blindness is an audio adventure game in which the player is quickly deprived of one of his senses: sight.

To find his way around the game space, he will then have to use another of his senses: hearing!

Play as Alex, a blind young man in his adventures and explore, only with your ears, 3D environments like you've never heard them before!

Discover Laura's secret, explore a Mayan temple filled with dangerous traps and puzzles to solve.
Meet the most faithful companion and face the most terrifying creature.



To faithfully recreate the spatialization of sound, the most effective technique is based on binaural sound. This technique consists in sending a pressure wave into each eardrum similar to what would have been the case in real life.

All the player has to do is to put on his headphones to be immersed in the game's different atmospheres and live the ultimate sound experience.


A total accessibility is allowed, by the predominant sound aspect, but also by an audio description of a part of the game.

The menus are a perfect illustration of this desire and even deprive seeing players of the usefulness of their eyes by following Alex's blindness. Once Alex loses his sight, the menus are written in Braille, and listening becomes meaningful.


A free playable demo is available pending the release scheduled for December 2020. It was developed as part of a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. 


It lasts about 30 minutes, contains almost all the game mechanics and offers good audio quality that will be improved in the final version.

[Audio only in french]

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