Available services

All the services we offer are billed at an indicative rate of 150 euros (excluding VAT) per working day. Each project being very different, we offer you to discuss your needs and make a precise quote to meet your requirements and needs. We will be pleased to provide you with any information you may require, feel free to contact us by email:


Beyond all your expectations

Design of serious games, escape games, board games and video games of all kinds. We can produce project documents from A to Z, improve and balance a game experience, design and produce levels (on various engines such as Unity), provide project management, perform QA tests and write test plans.


Quality, above all

Sound design for audiovisual and multimedia projects: short movies, documentaries, animated movies, commercials, video games and applications. We provide a complete integration pipeline for video games using tools such as Fmod allowing dynamic automations related to gameplay parameters (modification of sounds according to the player's state for example).


Satisfaction guaranteed

Development in C# under Unity of your application and video game projects on mobile (iOS and Android), PC, Mac OSX, Linux and on VR. We can also integrate monetization and advertising solutions (via Unity ads) and intervene on specific points within your Unity project such as optimization. We are also an ideal solution for the production of "proof of concept" prototypes that you may need before starting a production.

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